Since 1979 the heartbeat of IDEA X-RAY is SERVICE and has been our focus ever since. We are a solid resource for Medical Professionals throughout Ohio and the Midwest.

When you place an order with IDEA X-RAY our team of professionals begin to work by providing you the very best installation process including addressing timelines, deadlines and putting everyone on the same page. This guarantees that your project, however large or small, comes off without a hitch.


Here’s what you can expect:

Your satisfaction 100% guaranteed

  • Selecting equipment that is designed to meet your demands and within budget

  • A walk through of the project with our installation team

  • Equipment layout drawings with call outs for electrical structural and IT requirements

  • Radiation Safety and Regulatory Compliance

  • Certified Radiation Expert Services

  • Area Radiation Surveys

  • Radiation Shielding Design

  • Accreditation Physics Support

  • Coordination of the construction process with your contractor

  • Pre-installation of your equipment at our warehouse (if required)

  • A final walk through prior to the delivery of your x-ray system

  • Delivery installation and calibration of your x-ray system

  • A radiation survey by our certified radiation expert physicist

  • Applications training: (as much as is required to make you feel comfortable with your new equipment)

  • All paperwork for the federal and state compliance

  • Follow-up inspection of your x-ray system and additional applications training

X-ray Equipment Repair

X-ray service and calibration is available to anybody 24/7. Regardless of what kind of x-ray equipment you have, our service personnel have the factory training and expertise to get you back in operation. 

​We're here the next time you need Service or Repair or a Complete Calibration for the State X-ray Inspection.

800-362-5000   24/7

Remote On-line Technical Support Available

for most Digital Imaging Systems.

State X-ray Inspection Got You Worried?


                                   No problem. We can help.
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Other services include:

  • Parts for all manufacturers. Obsolete parts for old discontinued x-ray systems.

  • X-ray Accessories including aprons, markers, cassettes, calipers, safe lights and more.

  • Lead Shielding and Leaded Glass

  • Equipment disposal. All types of x-ray equipment large and small. Call for prices.

  • Ohio Department of Health Compliance Manual. Take the worry out of the state x-ray inspection process.

A comprehensive

Written Quality Assurance Program

designed specifically for your facility and in compliance with the Ohio Administrative Code.

Everything You Will Need

  • Written Policies with Standard Operating Procedures

  • Safe Operating Procedures with Instruction to Individuals

  • In-service Radiation Safety Programs

  • Documentation of All Scheduled Services

  • Charts, Signs and Required Postings

  • Up-to-date with the current Ohio Administrative Code

  • More...

OAC 3701:1-66-04 Quality assurance program.

   (A) Each registrant shall develop, implement and maintain a written quality assurance program. For purposes of this chapter and Chapter 3701:1-67 of the Administrative Code, quality assurance program means a program providing for verification by written procedures such as testing, auditing, and inspection to ensure that deficiencies, deviations, defective equipment, or unsafe practices, or a combination thereof, relating to the use, disposal, management, or manufacture of radiation devices are identified, promptly corrected, and reported to the appropriate regulatory authorities. 

Dental - General X-ray - C-arms Fluoroscopic - CT - Podiatry - Veterinary- Field Units- Mobile 
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IDEA Is An Excellent Resource For X-ray Services. We Support Your Business On A Variety Of Levels. 

     Remote Online Technical Support

Equipment Repair

Equipment Storage

Parts- Including Old & Obsolete