We Are Dedicated To Providing Excellent Service To All Aspects Of Chiropractic Imaging

The demands of satisfying the state scheduled x-ray inspection can be tedious and very time consuming. It is by far the #1 reason why many Chiropractors decide against installing an x-ray system. Since 2001 IDEA X-ray has been the leader in Ohio helping Chiropractors prepare for the inspection process. We offer several services that all result in a smooth and easy state x-ray inspection. These include:

1. Just have a question? Call us. It's FREE

2. Can't find the ODH Final Rules? Click the Rules and Regulations icon then        select 3701:1-38 and 3701:1-66

3. Looking for an ODH Form? Click the Equipment Forms icon.

4. Preparing for the state x-ray inspection. Click the Inspection Details icon.

3. Ask us to look over your Compliance Program before the state inspection.

4. So your last X-ray Inspection didn't go very well. Call us. We can fix that.

5. We offer a complete Quality Assurance and Radiation Safety Program Manual designed for your facility that's easy to maintain and includes all of the documentation, in-services, schedules, charts and signs that make the inspection process easy. 

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Did you say X-ray Equipment?

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New? Pre-Owned? CR? Flat Panel DR? Film? Upgrade? Whatever your practice may require, we can accommodate you. Economical and Reliable? You bet! Warranted? Absolutely! Moving? We can do that too with Room Drawings, Shielding Designs and Radiation Surveys, Applications Training and even help you with your techniques. Everything you need is available with each system including--- Your Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed!