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From small clinics, urgent care facilities and specialty practices to large hospitals and imaging centers, every facility will find a digital imaging solution from IDEA X-RAY to meet the most specific needs. Start your journey to greater productivity and a higher standard of patient care.

Upgrading your Film or CR system to a Direct Digital couldn't be easier with products from Carestream and JPI Healthcare Solutions. These systems are designed to retrofit with your existing x-ray system including older single phase generators. 

Inside AP™ is Vieworks’ unique Wi-Fi function to connect between VIVIX wireless detector and PC devices including laptops and tablet PCs. Therefore, physicians can see the acquired x-ray images immediately at their PCs.
Moreover, VIVIX detectors automatically save up to 200 images. These backup images help to prepare for unstable Wi-Fi environments and to work reliably anytime, anywhere, ensuring high reliability and high sensitivity by using a separated AED sensor and a specially designed circuit board to respond quickly to the X-ray. This results in fewer defects compared to a panel sensor and is resistant to the fluctuation of temperature and external shocks.

Advanced Image Processing - PureImpact™

PureImpact™ is a post-processing algorithm to enhance image quality for an efficient diagnosis.


Radiography Solutions

For Retrofit And OEMs

Powerful and portable wireless panels. Slender and lightweight. Network connection with Gigabit Ethernet or dual band wireless. Full high-resolution image acquisition and wireless transfer to screen within 4 seconds. Low power consumption; outstanding battery life. All products FDA and CE certified.


Slender cassettes, compatible with standard bucky trays for quick system upgrades. Easier hardware integration with flexible AED. Optional Full-Field AED available, for surefire image acquisition. Network connection with Gigabit Ethernet. 

By using direct-deposit CsI scintillators, these world-class detectors are durable, adaptable, and optimally efficient for Orthopaedic, Chiropractic and Imaging Centers.

We Perform Digital Image Quality Phantom QC on All Digital X-ray Systems In Compliance With The OHIO DEPARTMENT of HEALTH Regulation 3701:1-66-02(J)(10)(d)
This is an Annual ODH Requirement
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ExamVue PACS by JPI

ExamVue PACS is a software package used to acquire, store, distribute, process, and display images and associated data throughout the clinical environment. ExamVue performs digital imaging processing, measurement, DICOM Send and DICOM Recieve communication, and Cloud Image Storage.

examvue flow chart2.PNG
Simple, fast, and convenient, JPI’s ExamVue PACS is the viewing solution for the small to medium clinic. With up to 10 viewing licenses, it can be quickly and easily installed throughout your office.. Features include easy image importation, image stitching, comparisons, and specialized ortho/chiro and veterinary versions with specialized tools like Cobb Angle, VHS, Ilium analysis, and many more.

ExamVue PACS supports receiving, sending, printing, storing, and displaying studies received from the following modality types via DICOM: CT, MR, US, XA, DX, DR, and RE as well as radiology information systems. ExamVue PACS is DICOM3.0 compliant to all standards with images acquired from Computed Radiography (CR), Digital Radiography (DR), Ultrasound, X-ray Angiography, Computed Tomography, and Digital Fluoroscopy.

Our Focus Detector with Image Suite V4 Software can make all of these problems of the past. It’s the ideal way to tap the power of digital – and it’s budget-friendly, even for private practices and specialty practices such as orthopaedics, chiropractic and veterinary. Additional Focus Detector advantages include:
• Two sizes are available – 35x43 cm and 43x43 cm, both with Cesium Iodide scintillator for low-dose applications.
• Wireless design also helps minimize the infection risks and trip hazards of cables.
• Beam Detect Mode eliminates cable connection to the generator, alleviating OEM service concerns; image capture begins automatically when the detector senses the X-ray exposure.

             Excellent Choice for Orthopaedic Clinics and Urgent Care Centers.

With the Focus Detector, converting to the major benefits of DR imaging is now easier and  more economical than ever before. In just hours, you can supercharge your film- or CR-based X-ray equipment by converting to the speed and convenience of full digital. In addition, the Focus Detector is fully compatible with your existing equipment – both full X-ray rooms and mobile systems, from virtually any manufacturer. 

                       There’s no need to replace your current x-ray system.

Call for a demonstration using your existing x-ray system.

We will not be undersold on ANY Carestream product!     

  Carestream                             Image Suite

     Image Management for All Digital Imaging Systems


A Community of Service and Support. Benefit from all the advantages of our Customer Success Network. We work continuously to improve your imaging performance, help you to innovate as needs change, and make the most your budget and resources. Carestream’s Customer Success Network surrounds you with a dynamic team of experts, with a Single Point of Entry for easy, customized access to the right people in every situation. You and your patients will beneÿt from the expertise and best practices only Carestream can deliver – based on thousands of customer engagements worldwide and our 100-year heritage in medical-imaging innovation.

Available Options for Image Suite / V4 Software
• Clinical Report Software
• Mini-PACS Archiving Software
• 10 Web Viewer Licenses Included

• Long-Length Imaging Cassettes/Wallstands
• DICOM Store Service Class Provider (SCP)
• TQT Phantom
• Advanced Measurement Tools
• Mammography Feature Software‡
• Increase Acquisition Storage Size License
• Web Appointment Multiple Instance License
• OmniLink Bundle
• Tablet Viewer Software*

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